Several  JEWISH HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS from the Ukraine who survived the Nazi terror tell their personal story in unique book which soon Appears
Early in the morning of June 22, 1941 Germany attacked and invaded the regions of the former Soviet Union. The Great Patriotic War started, also in Ukraine.

The Soviet Red Army defended the motherland and suffered millions of casualties. Memorials throughout all regions of the former USSR remind the people of the heroic fights with the Nazi enemy. Such monuments can also be visited in Ukraine. 

But, the tragedy of the annihilation of the Jews in Ukraine during Holocaust was kept silent by the Germans as well as by the Soviet propaganda.

In 33 stories told by Jewish survivors of the Holocaust, the reader learns about the personal tragedies the Jewish people had to suffer. Their pictures honour them. Some of the survivors tell for the first time what happened: horrible and shocking details, almost too difficult for them to describe and to put into words.  

May this book contribute to the recognition of the suffering of the Jewish people.

The tears and wanderings of the Chosen People may never be forgotten.

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  Part 1: Odessa

  Sergei Petrovich Sushon
  Isabella Isaakovna Borzhevskaya

  Part 2: ‘Death-walks’ from Bessarabia to Transnistria

  Gita Yakovlevna Koifman
  Alexandra Zinovievna Ratushnyak
  Sara Meirovna Kiegelman
  Abraham and Zinaida Lerner

  Part 3: to Bershad’- ghetto

  Betya Yevseyevna Roitman
  Alexander Levovich Zhornitskiy
  Julia Kharitonovna Penzyur

  Part 4: Tulchin & Pechora

  Rita Geynihovna Schveybysh
  Tsilia Aronovna Krasner
  Valentina Bentsionovna Maykis Popivker
  Frieda Isaakovna Percherskaya
  Arkadiy Evseevich Plotitskiy
  Provincee Vinnitsya
  Riva Grigorievna Molochkovetskaya
  Lyudmila Nikolaevna Rosanova
  David Zacharovich Reibman
  Riva Grigorievna Molochkovetskaya
  Bella Ruvimovna Mershon
  Leonid Rakhmilovich Nemirovskiy
  Arkadiy Petrovich Vainer
  Moshe Abramovich Bramnik
  Boris Isaakovich Sakoletskiy
  Mikhail Moiseevich Kalika
  Khanna Motelevna Zats
  Shai Mendelevich Shanis
  Esfir’Khuvovna Gershman
  Semyon Iosifovich Kris
  Pyotr Vasilevich Dzhubenko & Shelya Mostovaya Rosengaft
  Mira Kalinskaya Perets
  Other countries of the former USSR
  Zinaida Adolfovna Gulish
  Eva Lazarevna Vater
  Nina Natanovna Mikhailovskaya
Names of the Jewish Holocaust Survivors in the Book
Over one thousand Jews from the Ukrainian town of Lubny all were killed
Ukrainian Jews who were forced to undress before they were massacred by Einsatzgruppe detachments
Below are some samples from the personal stories of the Survivors. To read the whole story simply sign up for the Newsletter and we will inform you when the book is available in the English language.
"On the very first day of occupation, they brought
  around 40 captives to the hospital where my family
  lived in the cellar. Among these captives there were
  two drivers  whom we, the boys, knew. These drivers
  brought injured soldiers  from the battlefield in
  ambulance buses. The captives were lined up at the
  main entrance of the hospital,in front of a machine
  gun that stood on the stairs. The Romanian officers
  shouted: “Jews! Step forward!” It turned out that one
  of the drivers, Yasha, was a Jew, and another one,
  Lyonya, was a Russian. Out of those 40 captives, 7
  or 8 people stepped forward, and Yasha was
  among them. This group of captured Jews was taken
  to  the far corner of the hospital and we heard them
  being shot. This was a shock to the children like me;
  it was absolutely incomprehensible! We knew that
  the Germans could kill. But we could not imagine
  that the people who had given to the world so many
  musical geniuses, scientists, painters, engineers,
  and writers could treat the innocent in such a way."
Serge Petrovitch Sushon
  "This camp was a machine of death.
  Everyday hundreds of people were killed there, and
  were buried in the forest in big trenches. Some were
  still alive when they were thrown into the mass graves
  ,so that the ground seemed to be breathing and
  moaning. They threw bodies one on top of another,
  like boards. My aunt and her son were thrown into the
  ground this way. My aunt was still alive. They thought
  she was dead, but she was still alive. The ground was
  shaking when these people were thrown in there, the
  ground was rising up. My God, so many people died.
  Thousands of people. If anyone tried to escape, they
  were gone. A lot of my relatives died; I do not
  remember how many because I was a child. And
  when there was no one around, the soldiers came
  and pulled gold teeth and gold rings from the
Valentina Bentsionovna
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In November 2011 an unique book has been published with the personal stories of several Ukrainian holocaust survivors who survived the Nazi Genocide in their country suring the second World War.
During almost a year their stories haven been collected with the help of many volunteers from the Ukrain and other countries.
The book was written in the Russian Language and an English Version will be published soon
Cover of the book
Below there is a list of the Holocaust Survivors whose story has been
written down in the book.
There was an official presentation of the book in Vinnitsa, Ukrain on Friday, 29 Oktober 2011. There where representatives of the Jewish Community in Vinnitsa and the Local Gouvernment. The most important was that also many Holocaust Survivors where there, also those whose story is told in the book. The book with their stories was officially handed out to them.
The Jewish community of Vinnitsa was also present.
Rabbi of Vinnitsa receives the book
Phyotr Vasilevich (men in the middle) and Shelya Mostoveya Rosengaft (women left) receive the book
Rita Geynihovna Schveybysh, Survivor of the Pechora Concentration Camp receives the book
Not all Ukrainian holocaust survivors whose story was written down where able to come but some survivors like Isabella Isaaknovna received the book at home.
Inside the book. Tsilia Aronovna Krasner tells her story here.
A fragment of her story: "
So, my mother… I remember when one time
everybody was forced to come out of the buildings, it was late at night, everything
was burning. The Nazis stood on both sides, evidently the SS had arrived. I remember
those frightful physiognomies, and we walked. They were standing there, all armed,
we were frightened and my mother said: ”Do not cry and do not say anything, walk
quietly and fast, quietly and fast.” So we walked this way. My mother helped my
younger sister walk, she was only three, and I was taking steps by myself. This way
we walked through this corridor to the street where everybody had to stand when
somebody was to be killed, or hung or shot. I remember it very well. We were small, we
stood behind the adults’ backs, and my mother kept saying: ”Do not look, children!
Do not look!” Even then she tried to protect us from this horror.
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On the cover the Monument of Babi Yar
Cover of the book
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